‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Extended Version Gives Fans What They Want: More Smoldering Alan Grant

I’m not sure what the critics will be anticipating when they watch Jurassic World Dominions in the early summer. This picture, the sixth in the increasingly irrational dinosaur action/adventure franchise, suffers a setback that is wholly out of proportion to the crime it portrays. And that crime, I should add, is nothing compared to the … Read more

Tanya Pardazi death: TikTok star dies aged 21 after opening parachute too late while skydiving

Tanya Pardazi, 21, fell to her death during her first solo skydive in Toronto, her friends calling her “the bravest girl” After a terrible skydiving accident, a 21-year-old Canadian TikTok influencer from Toronto lost his life. Tanya Pardazi died on August 27th while jumping in Toronto at Skydive Toronto. “The skydiver dropped a swiftly spinning … Read more

Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert: When & How to Watch for Free

On September 3, the memorial concert will be broadcast live from Wembley Stadium in London. Taylor Hawkins’ family and the band Foo Fighters are organising an unique memorial for the late musician. The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert will consist of two performances, the first of which will be shown live on ParamountPlus on Saturday, September … Read more

Elvis Now Streaming on HBO Max

Austin Butler’s performance as the King is the clear standout in Baz Luhrmann’s memorable musical extravaganza. Elvis is currently available on HBO Max, bringing with it an extravaganza of the King’s music and the excess of an enormous Baz Luhrmann film. I advise going into the movie knowing that, for better or worse, the movie … Read more

Brendan Fraser says that Batgirl’s Leslie Grace was “dynamic” in the HBO MAX DC film

Leslie Grace, who played Barbara Gordon in In The Heights, and Brendan Fraser, who played the sociopathic pyromaniac Firefly, were both taken away from audiences when the Batgirl movie was cancelled in the middle of post-production. Fraser revealed to Popverse what he’s really disappointed that viewers won’t get to witness during a recent interview at … Read more

Biden To Host First-ever US-Pacific Island Country Summit Amid China’s Military Buildup

The United States stated that it will organise the first-ever US-Pacific Island Country Summit in the last week of this month in response to China’s expanding influence in the Indo-Pacific area. The Biden administration announced on Friday that the Summit will take place in Washington from September 28 to 29. The Summit will be hosted … Read more

Timothée Chalamet Blasts Social Media Negativity: ‘It’s Tough to Be Alive Now’

At the Venice press conference for Luca Guadagino’s “Bones and All,” in which he and co-star Taylor Russell portray cannibal lovers on a road trip across America, Timothée Chalamet lashed out at the social media environment we currently live in on Friday morning. Chalamet launched into an anti-social media rant, drawing his inspiration from the … Read more