‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ Trailer: Mila Kunis Is a Survivor with a Secret in Netflix Thriller

What happens when Lady Luck suffers a horrific attack and needs to remake herself?

In the Netflix adaptation of Jessica Knoll’s best-selling 2015 novel of the same name, Mila Kunis plays the titular “Luckiest Girl Alive” in the title role. The movie debuts on September 30 in a few cinemas, and on Netflix on October 7.

Ani FaNelli, the editor of the New York Times Magazine, is portrayed by Kunis and appears to be leading the ideal life in New York City with the best friends, the best fashion, and the finest fiancé (Finn Wittrock). Ani appears to have it all, but that is, until the director of a true crime film asks her to relive a horrifying episode from her elite high school. Ani is compelled to face a past that jeopardises her present.

the “Cruel Summer” explosion Along with Thomas Barbusca, Scoot McNairy, Justine Lupe, Dalmar Abuzeid, Alex Barone, Carson MacCormac, and Jennifer Beals, Chiara Aurelia plays the teenage version of Ani. Ani’s mother is portrayed by Connie Britton.

Along with “Handmaid’s Tale” screenwriter Knoll, Lisa Sterbakov, Shayne Fiske Goldner, and Steve Hutensky, director Mike Barker also serves as the movie’s executive producer. Along with Bruna Papandrea, Jeanne Snow, Erik Feig, and Lucy Kitada, the movie’s actress, Kunis, also serves as producer.

Knoll, a novelist, screenwriter, and executive producer, disclosed that she was unable to be on location for the climactic scene because of her own history with horrific experiences. In 2016, former Cosmopolitan editor Knoll admitted to having been gang-raped as a teenager. For Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter, Knoll wrote a personal essay in which she claimed that “Luckiest Girl Alive” had helped her face her trauma.

Seven years after the incident, a therapist was the first to inform Knoll that she had been the victim of gang sexual assault (via People). “Five years later, my literary agent was the second, but she wasn’t talking about me. She was referring to Ani, the main character of my fictional book, “Luckiest Girl Alive.” Its motivation is not, which I have kept a secret until today.

I’ve been avoiding things because I’m afraid, said Knoll, adding that she had been running, ducking, and dodging. Because nobody called what occurred to me a rape for a very long time, I’m afraid people won’t.

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