‘Yellowstone’ actress Q’orianka Kilcher back for Season 5 after insurance fraud charges

According to Deadline, actress Q’orianka Kilcher will returning her role as Angela Blue Thunder in season five of the Paramount+ show.

Since season three, viewers have not seen Kilcher.

The actress was accused with two felonies of workers’ compensation insurance fraud, according to a statement issued by the California Department of Insurance this past July. “Kilcher is claimed to have broken the law by receiving over $90,000 in disability benefits” they stated.

The declaration indicates that while filming Kilcher is said to have suffered neck and right shoulder injuries while co-starring in the movie “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” with Eva Longoria and Michael Pea. She saw the doctor a few times throughout that year, but she stopped her medication and didn’t contact the insurance provider who was managing her claim on behalf of her employer. Kilcher called the insurance provider in October of the following year, stating that she need medical attention. Kilcher informed the medical professional processing her claim that she had been offered job ever since the accident but had been unable to accept it due to her excruciating neck pain. Kilcher started getting benefits for temporary complete disability based on what she told the doctor.

The fifth season of the show, which will premiere on November 13 as a two-hour special, has recently debuted a teaser.

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