Spider-Man: No Way Home Extended Edition: All the Biggest Additions

One of the greatest movies ever made just grew larger. This weekend, 11 minutes of new material will be added to the theatrical re-release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The movie, often referred to as the “More Fun Stuff Edition” (but more often just as an extended edition), expands some of your favourite sequences while also adding a number of brand-new ones.

More chatter of Peter 2’s web shooters (“I want to see the holes”), more high school, more Flash, more Betty, more Matt Murdoch (yes, you read that correctly), and a brand-new end credits scene that replaces the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer.

But it isn’t the whole story. To learn more about all of the major additions in the Spider-Man: No Way Home extended edition, scroll through the gallery.

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